kolo15 (kolo15) wrote,

The second Christmas

It is the second Christmas in my LiveJournal. It is too early to reckon up, but something can be considered.
Today was my last lecture and after that I sat in a cafe and thought about freedom. Recently I often think about the freedom. Freedom is the mental state when you can loose nothing, for me, recently.
Freedom and energy are the most important things for my, I've written about it.
I can't say that I loose something, otherwise everything has happened was a big chance for me, fortune and opportunity.
I can compare my life for last two years and I think that all changes were good for me.
At the moment I think for what purpose it all has happened to me. Everything happens to develop oneself and to get some conclusions but what development and what conclusions should I do?
Freedom and independence are very important but I want to keep balance between freedom, independence and loneliness. Being a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter always means dependence, limitations of freedom.

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